Sunday, December 6, 2009

இவரையும் மறக்க கூடாது we shouldn't forget this great personality

Dear Friends,

Do you remember this great social worker?

Yes because of him only, we are getting graduation, higher education in professional courses which were once rejected to us.

The man behind that was born in a dynasty that ruled a certain area in Central India.

He ordered commission to bring out the truth behind the purchase of tanks from a European nation.

He was the man who called back, the Indian Peace Keeping Force from Sri Lanka which ruined the entire Tamizh Community there.

When he was ailing from Cancer, the serious killing disease, held demonstrations for the benefit of the farmers.

He is the only brave man to dethrone his Prime Minister ship for his implementation of the so called Mandal Commission.

Last year he became history, we didn’t know that matter also, the media also boycotted that news.

If we are not loyal and thankful to him, we are not humans.


He is the great, Vishwanath Pratap Singh (V P Singh)

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