Saturday, December 5, 2009


Dear Friends,
We all know that the atmosphere is affected by the uncontrolled emissions from factories, vehicles etc.,
What can we do for that? Either to protect of prevent it from attacking?
We can prevent and also protect.
For prevention we have to lower the levels of emissions into the atmosphere, also due to high temperature the high mountains are beginning to melt and naturally the mean sea-level is rising year by year.
There are simple ways to protect ourselves and prevent that, i.e.,

Check the emissions from our vehicles periodically
Avoid incandescent lamps (bulbs) , and use fluorescent lamps
Apply light color for your buildings, so that they reflect the heat
Avoid air-conditioners to the maximum
Do more plantations
Please turn off all the monitors, systems when not in use, go for auto turnoff mode
Save electricity, there by saving production and reducing unwanted emission
Follow group using transporting mode i.e., trains or buses
Avoid heaters and spray paintings
Save rain water

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