Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to maintain a refrigerator at home?

Refrigerator (165 liter):
Energy consumption 200 watts of electric power. Ensure that your refrigerator is functioning properly as it is one of the most energy consuming home appliances.
• Always ensure the cleanliness of the capacitor located at the rear side of the refrigerator.
• Ensure that the refrigerator door is tightly closed and do not open it repetitively. Close the door quickly whenever you open it in order to prevent the cold air from escaping.
Take into account the arrangement of items in the refrigerator so as to ease their handling. Leave a space between the food items inside the fridge in order to allow for air movement around them. However, the opposite procedure is recommended for the Freezer which should be fully loaded and if necessary fill the blanks with ice cube bags.
• Melt the ice from time to time so that its thickness shall not exceed ¼ inch.
• When you leave your home for a week or more, clean the refrigerator and
keep the door open.
• When you buy a refrigerator try to know the approximate annual running cost.
• During summer time, use a Coleman cooler for keeping cold water handy as this reduces the number of times you open the refrigerator door.

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